Want To Spice Up Your Monthly Exercise Routine? | Here Are Five Sports That Are Weird and Fun

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Sometimes the ‘normal’ types of sports that we do for fun and exercise just don’t cut it anymore. Here are 5 ‘different’ and weird types of sports that you could try out.

Why Owning a Pet Is Good For You.

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Owning a pet has positive results for both your mental and physical health. Here are 10 reasons why you have to own a pet at leats once in your life.

Khan Academy

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Interested in personal self-development and growth? Then we have a great opportunity for you today. Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that offers free online learning courses, covering a range of subjects.

Stephen Wilke’s Day Night Photography

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Stephen Wilke’ s Day Night photography has captured and created an absolutely amazing composition of spaces throughout the day. From his works we can see how the environment changes as time moves forward. Here are 10 of his awesome photographic compositions.

Interesting and Innovative Crowdfunding Campaigns

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From the Innovative to the Wacky. Crowdfunding has created a platform from which entrepreneurs can collect the support and potential customer base that they require. Here are eight innovative Crowdfunding campaigns that can be found on Indiegogo.

Quote by C. S. Lewis

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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Follow Your Heart | Fill Your Sails with Passion

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From childhood, we have been inundated with the idea that being true to yourself and following your heart is important. Think of all the children’s shows and books you enjoyed as a child. They taught us friendship, honesty, integrity and being a good person, all of which we know in our hearts to be the right ways to live.   As we get older, societal pressures move in on us: the real world. We are taught that sometimes you have to lie, steal or cheat to get what you want. That your head is more important than your heart. That being ruled by your emotions makes you weak.   Every day, we struggle to allow these two ideas to live together in harmony. We don’t want to be taken advantage of or get left behind, but we don’t want to sacrifice our integrity for success either. Every day, we have to figure out if being happy means doing what society wants or doing what we want. You...

A Quote for Today – Michelle Obama

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Choose people who lift you up.